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Newest KOKONI 3D Printer Mini Home High Precision Industrial Desktop-level 3D Printer App Smart Control Photo Model

Newest KOKONI 3D Printer Mini Home High Precision Industrial Desktop-level 3D Printer App Smart Control Photo Model

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Model No.


Forming Tech



-Package Size: 282mm*242mm*327mm / 11.10*9.52*12.87 inch

-Product Size: 189*242*231 mm / 7.44*10.7*0.09 inch

Build Volume

-Build Volume: 100*100*58 mm/ 3.93*3.93*2.28 inch

-Base Print Area: 101*101mm


Net Weight: 3.1kg / 6.83lbs

Package Weight: 3.9kg / 8.59 lbs


Heat Bed: Non-heated

Nozzle Qty: 1 Nozzle

Nozzle Dia: 0.4mm

Printing Speed: Up to 80mm/s

Layer Thickness: 0.04-0.35mm

Supported Material: Modified PLA Filament

Files support: STL、JPG、PNG

Slicing software: NeuralPrint™ (in-house R&D Cloud slicing software)

Voltage: 12V

Wattage: 60W


Product Info

Q. What is the main difference or advantage of the KOKONI 3D Printer?

KOKONI, is an entry-level but powerful, the world's-first AI-integrated 3D printer for everyone. KOKONI is leveling-free and free of maintenance, with App smart control which is easy to use. Shoot it. Print it. Our printer will automatically build and print 3D models based on the photos you shoot and upload. Everyone gets the opportunity to print highly individualized items in an incredibly simple way.


Q. What’s the size of the machine?

The product size is 189*272*231 mm.

Q.What is the Max print size?

The max printing volume is 100*100*58 mm.

Q. What is the Nozzle size?

The nozzle diameter is 0.4 mm.


Q. What’s the noise level in dB while printing with the fans on?

It’s 30dB ultra-quiet while printing.

Q. How to conduct leveling?

KOKONI is beginner-friendly and has no need for bed-leveling.

Q. What is the printing speed for the machine?

The maximum printing speed is 80 mm/s

Q. What is the printing precision of this printer?

The filament thickness is 0.04-0.35mm, the positioning accuracy is 0.0025 mm Z resolution, and 0.011 mm XY resolution.

Q.Is the printing bed replaceable?

Yes, to achieve better printing results, we recommended replacing the printing bed every six months.

Q.What’s the weight of the machine?

The Net Weight of the machine is 3.1kg(6.83lb)

Q.What’s the Max temperature for the printing bed?

It’s 260℃

Q.What kind of plug does the KOKONI 3D Printer use?

KOKONI 3D Printer will provide plugs for clients according to different countries.


Q.Are printing filaments toxic to children and do they have an odor?

Our exclusive PLA Filaments are non-toxic and safe for children, it has passed RoHS.

Q.What kind of filaments are supported?

KOKONI is compatible with exclusive PLA material and can get smoother model surfaces without clogging using finite element thermal simulation. There are 8 color options of our PLA material at adorable price.

8 Color options: White, Yellow, Orange, Red, Green, Purple, Black, Blue.More colors coming soon.

Q.Can I user other types of filament?

We currently do not support other filament. You can buy modified PLA filament at KOKONI.

Q. Does KOKONI support dual-color printing?

It's a single nozzle structure, so it doesn't support dual-color printing. The product comes with supplies for white,  you can color the model after printing. We offer printing supplies in a variety of colors for sale.

Q. When filaments run out, does KOKONI notify me automatically?

KOKONI will automatically stop printing when the filament runs out, and KOKONI App will notify that there are no more materials. We recommend checking the remaining filaments on the App before printing.

Q. How to refill filament when it runs out?

The filament is in the material box. When it runs out, please replace the entire material box.

Q. How long is one roll of filament and how many models can be printed with one roll?

One roll of filament is 70M long. The exact number of models that can be printed depends on the size of the model. The user can judge whether it is a complex model on the basis of the expected printing time. The longer the print the greater the consumption. Generally, 20 to 30 simple models can be printed with one roll of filament.

Q. What’s the diameter of the filament?

It’s 1.75mm.


Q.  Which language does the APP support?

English/Chinese/Korean and Japaense.

Q. Will the App update regularly?

Sure, our app will be upgraded regularly to improve your printing experience.

Q. Does KOKONI come with a pause feature while printing?

Yes, you can pause and resume printing on our App.

Q. Can I download the App first before receiving your product?

Yes, you can download our App for preview by searching “KOKONI3D” in  App Store and Google Play.

What’s in the box

Q. What is included in the package?

The package will include the main body of KOKONI 3D Printer, a filament box, an adapter, a tweezer and a product manual.

We will offer other colors of filament boxes and replaceable beds as add-ons.

Other Questions

Q.What are your advantages compared to other printers in the same price range?

KOKONI 3D Printer does not need to be assembled. It is ready for use, supports intelligent control by the mobile phone application, and has premium built-in models. Most importantly, it also supports users to make models and print them directly based on the pictures taken. With a built-in soft magnetic platform, it is easy for users to take out the models printed. It also has a built-in material discharge so that you do not need to worry about moisture damage to filament. The accuracy and speed of this machine surpass other products of the same price range. Our Application model repertoire will be continuously updated. The ABS plastic used is strong and makes the machine durable.

Q.How does the extrusion work?

Materials are extruded by dual gears. Remote extrusion secures greater stability and efficiency.

Q.What kind of limit switches do you use?

Mechanical limit switches

Q.What kind of motor do you use?

High quality stepper motors

Q.What kind of motherboards do you use?

The motherboard is independently developed by KOKONI and has a 1.4GHz dual-core processor!

Q.What kind of frame structure is the machine?

Single z-axis. The print frame is stiffened and guided by an optical axis xyz structure.

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