Return and Exchange

In the event that you are not satisfied with the product, you can, with in 10 days of receiving the product, return or exchange it, but provided that you guarantee to us that the product is in its original condition, with all its accessories and in its original packaging, and is not used or opened for good.

 - In the event that an incorrect/wrong product is received, no additional shipping service fees will be charged and borne by the store.

 - We bear the human error in placing a wrong image of another product or another name or other errors. The product will be retrieved from the customer and replaced if he wishes, without incurring additional shipping fees provided that it is not used and the product is opened by the customer and returned in its original condition

 - In the event of a return for other reasons, (the customer needs to change the product or the customer’s desire has changed in general), the shipping fee to the store (25 riyals) will be charged to the customer.

 - In case of replacement, a shipping fee will be charged from the store to the customer (25 riyals) in addition to the previous shipping fees.

 - Shipping fees are not refundable if the product is returned or exchanged.

 - When preparing to return the product, the product must be in its original condition with all accessories and accompanying instruction booklet and in its original packaging.
 - If the product is checked and it turns out that it is under warranty and the malfunction is found, the customer will be compensated with a new product and will bear the shipping cost.

 A bill of lading is sent to the customer, and the customer is expected to deliver the product to the shipping company within 7 days from the date of sending the bill of lading to him.  The customer is agreed on the delivery method for the shipping companies with the customer service team according to the policy of each city and from where the product was purchased, and the policy is canceled if the customer does not deliver the product to the shipping company during this period.

 Products that have been opened shall not be replaced or returned if it is not proven that there is a manufacturing defect in them, noting that the products that are not exchangeable or returnable are all that violate or deviate from the terms of the warranty such as:

 (Misuse - cutting - breakage - the product opened in an unnatural state - not following the operating instructions - exposure of the product to water if it was not waterproof - performing any external maintenance - the device completely or partially malfunctioning in case of using incompatible accessories  With device characteristics

 To request a return or exchange, contact via WhatsApp after filling out the form below, and the response will be within 48 hours

 customer name :

 Order number :

 Returned product:

 the number of pieces :

 Reason for return:

 +966 552964628

 - Any message in which the above form data is not completed will not be answered.

 - The process of refunding the paid money from two to 14 working days from the arrival of the shipment to the store.

 - The customer is not entitled to claim anything if more than the period specified above has passed.

 - Your messages will be answered within 48 hours.