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MOES Smart WIFI Ceiling Light ultrathin Energy-saving RGB Dimmable Lighting LED Lamp TUYA APP Remote Control Voice Google Alexa

MOES Smart WIFI Ceiling Light ultrathin Energy-saving RGB Dimmable Lighting LED Lamp TUYA APP Remote Control Voice Google Alexa

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MOES Smart Ceiling Light ultrathin Energy-saving Dimmable Lighting LED Panel Lamp Remote Control For Bedroom Living Room

Product Features:
1. Wide-range Color Temp
2.Adjustable brightness and color temp
3.Intelligent Voice Control
4.Smart light wake/sleep mode
5.Timer Mode

Packing List
Ceiling Lamp * 1e
Instruction book * 1

Wide-range Color Temp
A wide range of color temperature provides bright colors for your home and plenty of good light. 
Light and thin lamp body design, helps release occupied space, upgrade the brightness and increase the level of tridimensional light.

Adjustable brightness and color temp
Through the MOES APP, you can adjust the brightness from 0% to 100% and color temperature from 1800K to 6500K. The gradual changes is friendly to your eyes, in case the uncomfort by quick changes.

Intelligent Voice Control
You can control the light via voice assistant such as Google Home and Alexa , to realize smart operation of on/ off, adjustment of color temp/brightness and etc. For you hands free with voice control, it make your life easier.

Smart light wake/sleep mode
To create a comfortable environment to sleep for you. Set a personal wake/sleep mode to adjust brightness and time via the MOES APP, by which you can get waked in a gradually brightening light and get sleeping in a gradually dimmed light.

Timer Mode
The ceiling lamp can be turned on or off according to a pre-set schedule, to help you build a healthy biological clock and be sober during the day while relax at night.

16 million colors to choose
16 million colors of light can satisfy various needs. The romantic-atmosphere colorful light brings you a new experience of intelligent life.

Multiple preset scenes
Variety of life scenes with different brightness and darkness can be designed by yourself. In each scene, you can enjoy up to eight light colors and choose the modes of light change.

Outstanding energy efficiency

Wattage decides energy consumption while lumen decides brightness. Lower wattage  to save more energy, higher lumen to provide brighter light. At the same time, it can bring a wider range of color temperature selection (1800k-6500k). MOES is your optimal choice for energy saving.

One-button group control

One button helps you turn on/off multiple home lights smartly. Set up a group to connect and control different lights in different room  at home simultaneously. You can enjoy proper lights in each scene at home.

Power-off memory

When the power is off and comes back on again, the light will be adjusted to the status of the mode you choose (4 modes to choose). Your won't be interrupted from sleep after the power comes on.

Customize your day-night circadian

Customized light by time schedule from morning to night, provides the changeable natural light for your room and gives you appropriate lighting experience all day long.

Music rhythm

Interactive effects between sound and light: the light effects can be changed with the music melody, to specially create different atmosphere for you under different moods.
Note:The iOS system must remain in the music rhythm page to use this function, and it will be invalid if you switch to other pages.

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